Let's redesign the human!

Scientists can already build robotic limbs, edit human genomes and create bionic eyes.

What will be the next step as we redesign our bodies?

Wouldn't it be great to have a zoom function for your eyes, change colour at will or type with your feet?

Each episode, we consider pitches from experts, the studio audience and Mother Nature herself. We’re looking for good ideas for the human body.

Level Up Human was created by Simon Watt and Rachel Wheeley and is supported by the Physiological Society, the Society for Endocrinology and our community of patrons.

Series 2 kicks off on October 23rd and we’ll be at the Barbican on October 28th and November 7th. Come along and see us!

Your host

Trying to keep charge of all of this is biologist, comedian and presenter, Simon Watt.

Best known for the BAFTA winning Inside Nature’s Giants and Channel 4's The Elephant: Life After Death, Simon runs the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Now Simon sets out his new mission: let’s redesign the human body!



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